What is Labor Ignites?

Labor Ignites is an initiative of the Dolores Huerta Labor Institute–a labor studies program of the Los Angeles Community College District.  It is a free resource that connects Los Angeles Community College faculty and students to dynamic speakers from the labor movement.  (Basically a speakers bureau–but not your ordinary one.)

Labor Ignites provides information to faculty about leaders in the labor movement who are available to come speak at their campus about specific labor topics.  It features speaker profiles and interviews, which include a brief biography, answers to our interview questions and information about speakers’ areas of speaking expertise.

Why Labor Ignites?

Faculty often come to us requesting speakers for specific topics or events for their students.  To make it easier for faculty (and for us) to figure out which individuals are available and able to speak about specific topics, we decided to create a speakers bureau.  Through Labor Ignites, we feature interview profiles of individuals who indicate beforehand that they are available as speakers for our program. Labor Ignites gives faculty and students a one-stop site where they can learn about and find speakers that students will enjoy.  It’s also a great way to feature the dynamic labor leaders in the labor movement who give back to the community by volunteering their time with the community colleges.

If you want to be part of Labor Ignites as a speaker, please visit out our I Want to Be a Speaker and Frequently Asked Questions pages.

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